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Our orthopaedic referral service is based at the purpose built Bradley Stoke Hospital site with its full range of support features now including a state of the art CT Scanner. 

Mark A. Owen BVSc CertSAO MRCVS has managed the orthopaedics service since the very start of Rowe Referrals in 1999. Mark gained the RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Orthopaedics in 1995 and has been a full time small animal orthopaedic surgeon ever since. 

In 2014, Mark became a member of the UK National Faculty team for the AOVet division of the global AO Foundation organisation. Mark is an active contributor to clinical research and an occasional peer reviewer for scientific article publications. He is currently the only British member of the European Arthroscopy Advancement Group (AAG).

The orthopaedic service offers:

  • Fracture management using up to the moment implant options including internal fixation from both Kyon and Synthes and external fixation from Imex.
  • Joint surgery with TTA from Kyon and CCWO from Synthes for managing cranial cruciate ligament injuries and the PAUL procedure from Kyon for treatment of Elbow Dysplasia.
  • Arthroscopic management of shoulder and elbow disease.
  • Negative pressure wound therapy (in cooperation with Elisa Best) as part of management of injuries to the lower limb.

Mark is a very firm believer in evidence based medicine and ethical case management, where clients are fully informed and actively engage in the decisions of care for their companions.

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For any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our Bradley Stoke Hospital on 01454 521000 or Find us here.