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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A further look inside your pet

The MRI service is headed by Mr Ian Jennings Cert VDI who can be contacted at our Wotton-Under-Edge branch (contact information can be found here).

Our 1.5T Phillips scanner allows us to achieve incredibly detailed images for our own patients and those referred to us 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Our scans are performed by Ian Jennings, an RCVS advanced practitioner in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, who has a decade of experience with MRI and its interpretation.

We have been offering an elective MRI scanning service for almost 15 years gaining a wealth of experience in advanced imaging. With the variety and number of cases increasing in recent years the need for in-house access to advanced diagnostics has become critical in providing the top level of care to our patients and those referred to us.

MRI has also become increasingly utilised at Rowe Referrals across disciplines and is routinely used for the diagnosis and surgical planning of oncology cases, orthopaedic conditions (particularly helpful with the investigation of joint disease), soft tissue surgery, retrobulbar disease as well as the detection of difficult to locate foreign bodies.

Referrals can be seen for either imaging & reporting only, allowing you to manage your own cases, or via our other departments. We will contact you with a preliminary report on the day of the scan and a detailed written report within 72hrs.

What happens when patients have an MRI scan?

The pet will be admitted to the scanning centre prior to the scan so that a physical examination can be carried out along with blood tests where necessary. In order to keep still for the duration of the scan (usually about 30-45 minutes) the pet will require a general anaesthetic. Once anaesthetised the patient will be placed gently in the scanner and positioned in the optimum way to achieve the best images possible. Our imaging team will then carry out a number of scans, in various planes, to give us all the information we need for a speedy diagnosis.

Usually, after a few hours the pet will have recovered sufficiently to go home provided no further treatment or investigations are required. There are no known side effects and the procedure is completely harmless.

For more info or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our veterinary MRI centre on 01453 843295 or 01454 521000 (option2) or email mri@rowevetgroup.com.