Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A further look inside your pet

Rowe referrals now has a 3.0 Tesla MRI scanner available onsite - one of only a few used clinically across the whole of Europe. The high field strength allows us a much more detailed view of our cases in comparison with lower field scanners, increasing our diagnostic yield, and the ability to perform more complex investigations including functional MRI (fMRI) and non-contrast angiographic studies with greater clarity. 

MRI is used at Rowe Referrals across all disciplines, and although it is routinely used in the investigation and diagnosis of neurology/neurosurgical cases it is invaluable as a diagnostic tool with ophthalmic and retrobulbar disease, orthopaedic conditions (particularly helpful with the investigation of joint disease) as well as soft tissue/muscular disorders.

Further info for pet owners
For more info or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our veterinary MRI centre on 01454 521000 (option2) or email