Imaging consultations

We are delighted that Mags continues to be able to offer imaging consultations at our Bradley Stoke Hospital. Maggs currently uses a state of the art digital system equipped with colour and power Doppler, five broadband probes (10 MHz linear, 7.5 MHz microconvex linear & 3 electronic phased array probes, 3.5-10 MHz) which allows her great versatility. Images are crisp and sharp due to full digital technology. It is equipped with some of the latest technology including tissue enhancement and contrast harmonic ultrasound. Abdominal ultrasound and cardiac ultrasounds are offered routinely and the choice of probes means every size of animal is well catered for. 

The 10 MHz linear probe makes examination of superficial tissues and small parts much easier e.g. thyroid and parathyroid glands. It is useful in the investigation of hypercalcemia and masses in the neck, which may be thyroid, salivary etc. The larynx and trachea are also amenable to examination. 

High quality musculoskeletal examinations are also possible with this probe. Ultrasound is under utilised in the evaluation of shoulder lameness. Most of the shoulder can be easily examined with ultrasound, which is useful as this is a tricky area to evaluate fully with radiography. MRI is expensive and may be difficult to interpret. Even arthroscopy may miss lesions that can be seen clearly on ultrasound. 

Vascular ultrasound has great clarity, whilst Power Doppler technology adds further information as illustrated in the adrenal mass (see picture below).

Ocular examinations are very worthwhile with the new system due to enhanced near field resolution and improved image clarity. Conditions affecting the iris, lens, retina as well as retro-bulbar conditions will be now be more amenable to examination.

For any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our Bradley Stoke Hospital on 01454 521000 or referrals@rowevetgroup.com. Find us here.